Forex Day Trading

As our website suggests, we are day traders and we used to have a live chat room with day traders giving out signals and we used to profit 20-30 pips a day quite successfully. However this required a great deal of work, time patience and our daytraders were demanding too much money from our subscribers. In late 2008 we hired two daytraders who are more like longer term day traders. They give out a signal every day and move their stops and profits according to the market. Since then their record has simply been outstanding. In January 2009 alone they were up over 600 pips.

Their trading is very simple, every day they will send you a signal via e-mail and SMS (if you have signed up for this) with a position they recommend and they will state the price they got the pair for. Every 24 hours they will monitor the position and accordingly make adjustments. Simple and rewarding and you don't have to sit in front of the computer all day long monitoring the trades, let our technical day traders do this work for you. If there is change that is required they will inform you.

Here is an example of a trade our day traders gave us on January 12, 2009 at 5am GMT. "SELL GBP/USD AT 1.5085, STOP 1.5410, PROFIT 1.4760. Within 24 hours this trade was closed with our profit level achieved for a nice +325 pips.

What is also best about this system is that it is very inexpensive. The subscription fee is only $99 per month. There is no waiting list to join, just click on the payment link and pay thru paypal and you will start getting our wonderful signals from our day traders. We have been giving our signals for free and would like to continue to do this but with all the administrative costs involved we feel that $99 per month is a nominal fee that all our members can afford.

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