Profit From Professional Forex Day Trading Guidance

FX-Day Trader was recently established to connect the knowledge of a small group of very successful forex day traders who make our living trading forex on a daily basis.  The site features a private and live forex trading room, where our team of very successful day traders will conduct their trades live.  There is no software to install and membership is fully refundable if you aren’t completely satisfied within your first week of trading.  Our performance and profits are posted based on trading 1 lot – and we hope you appreciate this rare form of honest reporting.

10% of Forex Traders are Successful
The traders at FX-Day Trader will share with you just how profitable forex trading really is if you have the time to day trade with us.  Yes we know that over 90% of forex traders don’t make money, but if you are in that 10% of successful forex traders you can make a very good living doing it.  With this site you will find a place where the traders have a passion for forex and are keen to share their cumulative knowledge with you.  We will show you that even with a small amount of financial capital, you too can be a successful forex trader.

The Currency Pair We Trade
We trade only major forex pairs, like GBP/USD, EUR/USD and also Yen based trades like GBP/JPY. The spreads on trading major pairs is relatively small and they are very liquid pairs so we can get in and out fast with our profits! We trade daily live in our very secure state of the art trading room where our team of day traders will guide you through this minefield we called forex day trading.

Our Trading Hours
Our signals will be sent via e-mail and SMS at 10 GMT. If you have signed up for SMS delivery you will get the signals delivered right to your cell phone anywhere around the world in addition to the e-mail. If there is a sudden change that we require to a position we will inform you. As you know forex is a 24 hour market and our daytraders are monitoring the positions we hold 24 hours a day.

Register for FREE
You can register for FREE and if for any reason whatsoever you are not satisfied with our performance in the first 7 days, simply request a full refund and no questions will be asked. We will refund your subscription in full. We are so confident in our system that we know you will stay and be part of our community for many years to come.

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